Artistic and tecnological labels

Sparkle, light, value

Metal labels

Labelcol is an Italian company passionately dedicated to research, development and manufacture of aesthetic metal solutions for the enhancement of products and packaging.

We have been engravers for three generations. Our beginnings date back to 1949, when we began to learn and love this exclusive art.

The art of engraving has ancient and artisanal roots; we combine them every day with cutting-edge technologies.


Who chooses a metal label?

Companies aiming to:

Give the packaging a unique, original and unmistakable value.

Make the product recognizable at first glance.

Give a sensory experience that captures sight and touch.

Each label is a unique piece tailored on customer’s identity.

The bottle of wine, the flask of distillate, the vial of perfume, the cosmetic pot…

These are just some of the products that we embellish with our labels.



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